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Starting a new Financial Year less stressful – CBW Accounting

Starting a new Financial Year less stressful

By July 9, 2018Uncategorized

Starting a new Financial Year is a great time to turn over a new leaf. As a local Croydon Bookkeeper, we are here to ensure that you get the best start. Having a professional take over your books takes the stress away from you and allows you to concentrate in the areas that make you more revenue. If you think about how much you could make per hour for your business and compare that to how much you are paying a Bookkeeper, you generally should find that you will be ahead by outsourcing your books. So instead of wasting those hours attempting to do your own books, use that time to generate more business. It’s basic maths really.  Don’t get caught up doing the jobs that are costing your business just because you don’t want to pay somebody to do it. While you are doing it those jobs, you aren’t making any money.

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